Style Is The Answer To Everything (Charles Bukowski). Linocut. 2017. 6x9"

I Don't Know How To Feel About Your Love. Linocut. 2014. 6x12"

Burn It Down, Feel The Warmth. Linocut. 2017. 5x5"

Atop The Past. Linocut. 2017. 4x12"

Lazy Sophism. Linocut. 2012. 7x21"

Chaparral. Linocut. 2019. 16x20”

VW Bus. Linocut. 2019 4x6”

Mercedes 300D. Linocut. 2019. 2x4”

Nice Try. Linocut. 2019. 6x6”

Window. Linocut and Chine Collé. 2017. 4x6"

The Glory of Execution. Linocut. 2014. 8x10"

Hamlet. Linocut. 2018. 6x8”

Three Little Pigs. Linocut. 2016. 6x10"

Autumn Ride. Linocut. 2019. 3x3”

Charley Patton. Linocut. 2019. 2½x3½”

Kittens. Linocut. 2019. 3x4”

Untitled (Bursting Kiss). Linocut. 2016. 6x8”

Reflection. Linocut. 2016. 8x10"

Untitled (Jungle #1). Linocut. 2013. 6x9"

Untitled (Jungle #2). Linocut. 2019. 6x8”

Garden Girls. Linocut. 2019. 7x7”

Life As A Fish (Jacques Yves Cousteau). Linocut. 2011. 12x12"

It Id What It Id (Sigmund Freud). Linocut. 2011. 7x10"

Dreams As Infantile. Linocut. 2012. 8x10"

...And Men Want To Be Him. Linocut. 2009. 12x24"

Ghost Ship. Linocut. 2011. 9x12"

Danse Macabre. Linocut. 2011. 9x9"

Night Swim. Linocut. 2015. 8x10"

So Far ... So Good. Linocut. 2014. 5x7"

Let It Ring. Linocut. 2016. 5x7"

Untitled (Hand). Linocut. 2008. 6x9"

Connected. Linocut. 2008. 9x12"

The Myth of Sisyphus. Linocut. 2012. 10x10"

Fitting Together. Linocut. 2017. 4x5"

Untitled (Kissing Heart). Linocut. 2015. 7x7"

Venus. Linocut. 2015. 3x7"

Untitled (Shark). Linocut. 2018. 4x6”

Walden. Linocut. 2019. 3x3”