There Will Be Blood (Film Poster). Screen Print. 2011. A2

Heavy Soul (Music Poster). Screen Print. 2011. A4

Meat Fleet Fishing Logo (T-Shirt). Screen Print. 2017

Rose and Goat (Wedding Poster). Acrylic. 2017. 24x36"

The House Is On Fire But You Can't Beat Our View (Zine Cover). Linocut. 2017. 6x8"

The Outsider by Albert Camus (Book Cover). Linocut. 2010. 7x10"

Rhode Island Red (Book Cover). Linocut. 2018. 6x9"

Raph (T-Shirt). Screen Print. 2011

Polwarth Press Logo. Ink. 2014

Mickey Mouse Orgy (T-Shirt). Screen Print. 2011

Saint Monday (Restaurant Icons). Three Linocuts. 2018

Born To Be Bad (T-Shirt). Screen Print. 2012

Eraserhead (Film Poster). Screen Print. 2011. A2

Pura Vida (Art Poster). Screen Print. 2019