Danforth Art Museum

Last week I took my Illustration class to Framingham State University’s excellent art museum. We covered art criticism by drawing and writing about selected pieces. The museum has a small but powerful collection of work, including a current exhibit by Lois Tarlow.

Last Week's Linocut Workshop

Saturday’s printmaking workshop in Warren was a lot of fun and I met a lot of talented artists and creatives who made some beautiful and intricate linocut prints on their first try! I’ve received positive feedback and am now considering organizing another this summer.

Linocut Workshop

I’m very excited to put on a workshop about my favorite medium, the linocut, at The Collaborative in Warren next month. Teaching drawing, painting, and design is great fun, but I’d really like to see more people interested in relief printing, which can be easily accessible and done at home any time!

More information and tickets on their website and facebook page.