Drawing While Traveling

I remember reading somewhere (I think Aldous Huxley?) that photography ruined travel because people snap a photo and move on without thoroughly observing the scenery, so after a time the lasting photo becomes as foreign as a stranger’s picture. To actually retain the scene in your memory, he recommends drawing your surroundings. Even if it’s a poorly-drawn, discarded sketch, you’ll remember the day much better!

I’ve been following this advice for almost ten years. Here is an observation from last week’s trip to Montauk, NY.

Massachusetts Typographic County Map

Here’s a newly completed ink drawing map of the counties of Massachusetts. I’ve done typography maps of the neighborhoods of Providence, the districts of Paris, and the towns of Rhode Island, but Massachusetts is big enough to draw in the fourteen counties of the Commonwealth.

I’ll have 11x14” prints available in the shop soon!