Charley Patton

About a hundred years ago, Mississippi’s Charley Patton originated a movement called the Delta Blues, and he’s the musician behind one of my favorite records. I thought that deserved at least a quick linocut portrait.

The Show is On!

Here’s a peek at the the solo show I’m currently exhibiting at Trade Pop-Up. It will be up until Sunday 27 January from noon to 6pm each day. The opening party was last night and it was a blast! Excellent turnout, lots of support, and most importantly I think everyone had a good time. A very encouraging and motivating event!

Coming Home to Roost

I’ve been busy preparing an upcoming show at Trade Pop Up on the east side of Providence. It's my first solo show back home in Rhode Island, so much of the work and the opening will be based on that theme. I'll have paintings and prints on display, as well as apparel, books, and other works for sale. I’ll have snacks and drinks offered during the opening reception next Thursday, and I’m proud to be supported by local businesses Hometown Poké, The Fat Pig, Narragansett Beer, and Maggio Family Vineyards. I’ll be using the space as a studio for the rest of the weekend, so feel free to stop by and say hello any time!

Island Boy

Very excited to feature some prints at Island Boy on Water St in Warren. It’s a stylish gallery for art, design, antiques, aloha shirts, and crazy plants that make me want to move to the tropics. Hoping to collaborate further in the future!

Untitled (Jungle).  Linocut. 2013. 6x9”

Untitled (Jungle). Linocut. 2013. 6x9”

Federal Hill Mural

The 26’ long mural I’ve been working on this month is complete! I started with primer, a loose sketch of the scene, filled in details with acrylic, applied a soft cream background, and finished with an anti-graffiti coating. It’s located in front of Lekker Seiromushi, a Japanese-Korean fusion BBQ restaurant at 210 Atwells Ave, Providence. Next time you’re in the area, be sure to stop in for some delicious ramen or bibimbap with a sip of soju, which I now know is a Korean version of sake.

Asian Bottles Having A Party

I’ve started work on a new commission, and this is an interesting one. The project is to paint a mural of cartoon drinks from Asia celebrating in a Last Supper style scene. It’s unique, fun, and I’ve got to get it done before it gets too cold outside! I just put the basic drawing down, and next I’ll add tone and color to the 4x26’ wall.

Excellent Breakfast Logo

This logo design is for Excellent Breakfast, a restaurant known for their incredible thick-cut bacon. I applied my linocut print to a circular design that can read as balance, a plate, or a morning sunrise. To match the atmosphere of the decor and menu, the design has a minimal but modern take on tradition.

Angel Wings Mural

A recent commission was to paint angel wings at a restaurant, intended as a sort of “instagram corner” for the enjoyment of customers. I’ve included process photos for how I started with light lines for symmetry, drew the feathers, then filled with highlights and shadows. It was a welcome step away from my typical work.